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    Watch our insane all robot cast do Star Wars like it’s never been done before! See Vadersapien with a real (Nerf) machine gun!  See a Muppet with a Light Sabre!

    NOTE: Vadersapien is in reality the talented WowWee Robosapien RS Media robot, the robot that you can completely customize with your own sound files and animations (movements).  If you already have a Robosapien RS Media, go to our Vadersapien Personality page and download the Vadersapien custom personality now. It’s free and it contains over 220 original high quality sound files so you can terrorize your household pets and roomates with the smallest, meanest, baddest, Darth Vader around!

    Nerf ‘N’ Strike Vulcan EBP-25

    In this video you will see lots of footage of the Nerf ‘N’ Strike EBP-25 machine gun.  It’s a real live working machine gun that firs harmless Nerf darts, up to 3 per second from a ammo belt of 25 darts!  It really works and it works well since you can imagine how many times I had to reload the gun for all the different takes I did for the movie scenes. It’s ton of fun that only needs 6 D Cell batteries to operate. I really recommend this as a fantastic gift for someone or for yourself!

    Table Of Contents





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    Vadersapien Video - The Empire Strikes Back!


    Lord Vadersapien has located the Rebel stronghold and has attempted to assassinate the Jedi master “Furby Want Cannoli”.  Watch as the rebels and Lord Vadersapien in a fight to the death!


    Supporting Cast of Robots (seen in the video)

    Here’s a list of the robots you saw during the video, in order of appearance:

    • Robosapien RS Media - The talented robot that plays Vadersapien - That giant voice you heard really does come out of that 2 foot high body!
    • Femisapien - WowWee’s first female robot ever. A truly exciting dancing robot that can hand out business cards, dance with you, be your little back-up singer and much more.
    • Roboboa - Big, bad, snake robot that can track objects with its infrared sensors, acts as an intelligent helpful light, room guard, and more.
    • Wall-E Robot - Actually a U-Command robot that’s a ton of fun to drive and is programmable to. Sounds just like the real thing!
    • Tri-Bot - This was the red 3-wheeled robot you saw get hammered by the Nerf ‘N’ Strike EBP-25 machine gun ( a terrific toy that really is a working machine gun, albeit a harmless one.
    • And many more robots to play with...

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    WowWee Robots




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