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    Not available in the U.S.A yet, however, the European retailer below ships internationally!



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    Homer Simpson has gone Futurama! The famous cartoon character is now a wise cracking pizza loving Robosapien robot. WowWee has made a themed version of its blockbuster hit toy robot the Robosapien V1; the original toy robot that broke records for toy sales.

    This customized robot moves about uttering beloved Homer Simpson phrases like the notorous “Doh!” and others. It comes with its’ own Simpson style remote control and will be released when the new Simpson’s movie is scheduled to reach movie theaters worldwide this July.  It was shown at the recent London Toy fair along with the Spidersapien, a Spiderman themed toy robot.

    Homersapien has appropriately styled Simpson packaging and a set of custom attachments and accessories to complete it.

    For a humorous look on a mad scientist’s take on Spidersapien, check out Evosapien Team Expert Nocturnal’s video where builds his own SpiderSapien in this funny spidersapien video.

    If anyone has any more details, pictures, or videos of this robot, please contact us immediately using the “Contact Us” link at the bottom of this page.



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