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Pleo was on the hugely popular Good Morning America. Diane Sawyer was quite taken with Pleo and apparently Pleo returned the favor! Click here to watch Diane Sawyer play with Pleo now or Click Here to watch more videos of Pleo.  Her opinion of Pleo? In her own words, “I love this!”. Click here to buy Pleo now!

More Reasons To Buy A Pleo

  • Pleo is utterly adorable and lifelike, responding to your every touch
  • Some apartments and homes aren’t allowed to have dogs or cats
  • Some people are allergic to pets
  • You can turn Pleo off when you don’t have time to play
  • You can take Pleo traveling with you without any of the hassle or worries of a non-robot pet
  • You can give Pleo to a child that might not be able to take care of a non-robot pet
  • You can give Pleo to an lonely elderly person that is physically unable to care for a pet
  • No messes to clean up
  • Pleo is far cheaper than a non-robot pet.  No expensive pet food and no veterinarian bills.
  • Did I mention that Pleo is utterly adorable and fun to play with?

Where to buy Pleo (read on below)

IMPORTANT!: How to compare prices and warranties on Pleo! (“Buy” links are below)

[UPDATE! 10-27-2009] Innvo Labs Corporation now manufactures Pleo instead of Ugobe, Inc. This is fantastic news since they are company with the resources to back Pleo for years to come and and their parent company Jetta was the company that made Pleos for Ugobe.   You need to know that their Pleos, which retail for $349 USD and are only available from the Pleo World online store, contain important improvements to the baby dinosaur robot.  Read this article on my blog to find out what the improvements are so you can make an informed buying decision. If you still decide to buy one of the original Ugobe models, since they are heavily discounted and times are tough these days, Innvo Labs will still support it for warranty and repair service, but they are not as robust as the new Innvo Labs ones.

NOTE: If you can’t find Pleo in stock you can try eBay.  Follow eBay’s tips and these tips too to avoid being scammed. Make sure the seller has the unit in their physical possession and has an extremely high feedback rating and count too!.


Other retailers may be added to the list soon and prices will change so bookmark this page and check back frequently (Ctrl + D, or Add To Favorites).

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