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Pleo Dinosaur : Camarasaurus


Pleo is a lovable one week old baby Camarasaurus, a gentle and loving plant eating dinosaur from the late Jurassic Period of out planetís history. Ugobe used and researched actual Camarasaurus fossil records to help them model Pleoís appearance and behavior.  This dedicated attention to detail is what makes Pleo so realistic, that and inventor Caleb Chungís genius at understanding the intricate details of animal body movement, even those who lived millions of years ago.

But why a baby Camarasaurus? Well first of all, itís cute enough to melt your heart and charm you with just one look.  However, thereís a technical reason for the choice too. Although you will never think about it when you play with your baby Pleo, thereís a lot of powerful high tech electronics inside the cuddly critter. A baby Camarasaurus is a pudgy, chunky little thing which is not surprising since it grows up to be a 20 plus ton adult at some point. That cute, big, baby Camarasaurus head and chubby body leaves a lot of room for Ugobe to put the sensors, servos, and other good stuff that makes Pleo seem so life like.  This is what made a baby Camarasaurus the perfect choice for Pleo.  But youíll just think itís adorable!

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