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Pleo Robot


Pleo robot?  Pleoís technology is so revolutionary that artificial life form is a more appropriate term than robot.  But the field of robotics is the science behind Pleo and this page is dedicated to that science. With an amazing operating system dubbed Life OS by Ugobe, and a slew of advanced sensors and servos, Pleo is destined be the most lifelike robot the world has ever seen.  Read on to learn the technical details behind this adorable baby dinosaur, or use the Quick Links box to the right to jump to the topic of your interest.

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Pleo Robot - Technology Has Never Been So Charming!

What kind of baby dinosaur is Pleo?

Pleo is modeled after a one week old Camarasaurus, a gentle loving plant eater from the late Jurassic period in prehistoric history. By studying actual fossil records of this giant herbivore, combined with Caleb Chungís amazing skill in recreating animal motion with technology, Ugobe has blessed Pleo with an astonishing realism in both movement and structure.  A full size adult Camarasaurus was over 60 feet (18 meters) in length and weighed about 18 tons. Ugobe chose wisely to make the baby instead, which is about the size of big puffy cat. This choice was made to spare consumers the exorbitant freight costs associated with shipping a full size Camarasaurus.  The Camarasaurus was an extremely social creature and traveled in herds as they roamed the Earth searching for food to graze on; the perfect temperament for this friendly little green dino we call Pleo.


Technical Specifications

  • A camera in the nose helps Pleo remember places and basic information about locations
  • 14 super quiet motors help Pleo achieve a new level in realistic body movement
  • Multiple processors help coordinate Pleoís advanced sensor net and keeps Pleoís servos running smoothly
  • Sensors for sight, sound, and plenty for touch, over 35 in all, make Pleo a responsive little dino that can react to you and the environment in a natural way. Thereís even one for tickling Pleo under the chin!
  • A flash card slot will allow you to swap personalities and share them with others via an online web site Ugobe will provide.
  • Pleo will have a USB port.  When connected to your PC you will be able to modify aspects of Pleoís personality using Ugobeís personality editor or scripts that you write yourself.
  • In the future, Ugobe plans to make a C/C++ developerís kit (SDK) available for those who really want to try their hand at modifying their Pleoís behavior.


Inside The Mind Of Pleo

Pleo is capable of learning over time and of expressing many different moods and basic animal drives such as hunger, fatigue, fear, and love.  When you leave for work or school Pleo will explore itsí environment and continue to learn. When tired, Pleo will seek out itsí regeneration bed and rest while dreaming baby dino dreams.  Pleoís neural net adapts to stimulus from you and the environment, this means Pleoís personality and demeanor over time will change in response to how you treat it.  Pleo will limp if you hurt itsí leg and will remember that you were mean (donít be mean!).  Pleo will frown, smile, shrug, yowl for food, and do the clever things a baby knows how to do to get your attention and make you laugh.

Editorís favorite Pleo trait: Pleos can react to each other and learn from each other; they can even catch a cold!

Pleoís Brain - Overview Video


Video from a recent ARM Developerís conference where John Sosoka gives a short talk about Pleo as an upgradeable development platform.  Pleo fusses and fidgets throughout the presentation and John canít stop petting him!

Pleo Information

Visit our main information page for the Pleo dinosaur

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