The Pleo Song

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Pleo Song


This video is a tribute I made in song and movie fashion to celebrate the imminent release of Pleo to the world at large.  I was recently notified by the Ugobe store that within 30 days, they were going to ship my baby Pleo to me, so I sat down with guitar in hand and recorded this little tune to commemorate the event.  I then took video clips from two of Ugobe’s best Pleo videos which show just how powerful an effect Pleo has on people.

And now for your entertainment and possible amusement, The Pleo Song:


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A tiny spark of life
A little bit of joy
A baby dino made into a toy
For every girl and boy

Imagination's pride
And curious blue eyes
A gentle friend that's come to play
Pleo will take your breath away

I've waited so long
I'll make a place for you
Inside my home
There's nothing left to do but say
Remember the heart of a child knows
That love goes with Pleo

With Pleo, the baby dino wants to play with you


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