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Pleo was on Good Morning America Show with Diane Sawyer!

Pleo is the exciting, adorable baby robot dinosaur, or artificial life form, that is taking the world by storm. Unlike other robot toys, Pleo has feeling and desires of his or her own.  Pleo’s endearing lifelike movements and wonderfully realistic emotions will capture your imagination and steal your heart away. (Don’t want to wait? Click here to buy Pleo now.)

This page is your guide to the Pleo pages on my humble little site.  Below the orange line you will find a brief description of what you will find on each page. The most important thing we ask is that if you don’t see what you are looking for, write us using the “Contact Us” link at the bottom of this and every page on this site.

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[Pleo Dinosaur]
[Pleo Dinosaur: Camarasaurus]
[Buy Pleo]
[Pleo World]
[Thank You]
[Pleo Forum]
[Pleo Pictures]
[Pleo Price]
[Pleo Review]
[Pleo Reviews]
[Pleo Robot]
[The Pleo Song]
[Pleo Videos]
[Ugobe Pleo]
[Pleo Preorder]
[Pleo Development Kit]
[Pleo For Sale]
[Sacred Heart Hospital]

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Pleo : Site Map

  • Pleo Dinosaur - Overview page with general information about Pleo and Ugobe
  • Pleo Dinosaur : Camarasaurus - Explains why a baby Camarasaurus dinosaur was chosen to be the model for Pleo
  • Buy Pleo - Information on where to order and buy a Pleo
  • Pleo World - Ugobe’s official user and owner site for Pleo
  • Pleo Forum - Description and link to the special forum we have set up for Pleo people
  • Pleo Pictures - Pictures of Pleo
  • Pleo Preorder - information about preordering Pleo along with the original press release put out by Ugobe
  • Pleo Price - Current information on how much Pleo costs
  • Pleo Review - The site owner’s thoughts and opinions on Pleo
  • Pleo Reviews - A list of Pleo articles with summaries and links to each article
  • Pleo Robot - The technology behind Pleo and a list of features
  • Ugobe Pleo - Information on the magical company behind Pleo and master inventor Caleb Chung

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