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    01-06-2006: A big hit of the Consumer Electronics show of 2006 was WowWee Toys International new P-bot robot. P-bot, or P.E.A.B.O.T. which stands for Personality Evolved Android Bot, is a radical departure from WowWeeís other robots. First of all, itís has wheels and the wheels are using proprietary advanced technology from Segway, the makers of the Segway Human Transporter.  This is the first time ever that Segway has allowed another company to license itís technology.  This gives the robot an amazing ability to balance and recover from falls.  Secondly, it will not have a remote control like itís sibling the Roboreptile.

    Here are some more of the P-botís features:

    • The robot is designed to be a robot chatterbox, complete with friendly and funny banter.
    • The P.E.A.B.O.T. has an LCD with a graphically drawn face. The face will display the Peabotís current emotion which changes based on the current situation.  For example, if it falls down it will act hurt.
    • As mentioned above, it will not come with a remote control. WowWee Toys is moving away from remote controls entirely.
    • Instead of arms with arms it has two tube structured arms with balls at the end of them.
    • It will be able to carry objects on its back without dropping them, thanks to the Segway technology.
    • The Roboreptile has four modes as opposed to the Roboraptorís three. The modes include ferocious, aggressive, passive, and tamed.

    WowWee has stated that it plans to make this robot available in the second half of 2006.

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