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    Nanotechnology & Nanoparticles

    Here is what the National Institute of Health has to say about nanotechnology, nanoparticles in the area of cancer treatment and the imaging of cancer cells:

    “Nanoscale devices have the potential to radically change cancer therapy for the better and to dramatically increase the number of highly effective therapeutic agents.
    In this illustration, nanoparticles are targeted to cancer cells for utilization in the molecular imaging of a malignant lesion. Large numbers of nanoparticles are safely injected into the physical body and preferentially attach to the cancer cells, defining the contour shape of the lesion and making it visible.
    These nanoparticles provide us the capability to view cells and molecules that we otherwise cannot detect through conventional imaging. The capability to observe what happens in the cell and to monitor therapeutic intervention, along with viewing when a cancer cell is mortally damaged or is actually activated, is critical to the successful medical diagnosis and medical care of the illness.
    Nanoparticulate technology can prove to be very useful in cancer medical care allowing for effective and targeted drug delivery by overcoming the many biological, biophysical and biomedical impediments that the physical body mounts against a standard intervention such as the administration of medicinal drugs or contrast agents.”
    -- For the original articles: Nanotechnology, Nanoparticles

    Here’s an excerpt from an interesting article on the possibility of using magnetic nanoparticles as a treatment for biohazards:

    “The biohazard detoxification system envisioned by Kaminski and Rosengart will make use of biodegradable nanoparticles between 100 and 5,000 nanometers in size; tiny enough to pass through the smallest blood vessels and yet big enough to avoid being readily filtered from the blood by the kidneys. These nanotechnology, nanoparticles will contain a magnetic iron chemical compound and will be coated with a kind of polyethylene glycol, which prevents them from being attacked by white blood cells. The nanoparticles will contain a particular protein that binds to a particular toxic agent.”
    -- For the original articles: Magnetic Nanoparticles & Biohazards

    PubMed has an excellent list of articles derived from past life sciences and medical journals that talk about nanotechnology, nanoparticles.




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