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This Holiday You Can Give The Gift That Can Change A Childís Life!

[12-04-2007] Big news! Amazon has reduced the price on the Robopanda from $199 to $59!  Hurry, sales quantities are limited. Click here to buy now, or read more about this educational robotic toy by looking below the Robopanda picture shown here.

[11-12-2007] What would you rather do this this holiday season?  You could give a child a gadget that they play with for a few days and then shove into a closet, or you can get them their own little private teacher that will help build important thinking skills that will last a lifetime. Robopanda is a small infinitely patient friend that instead of showing them how to shoot at random things in a video game, will play healthy games with them designed to boost their memory, sing songs with them, and tell interactive stories to fire their imagination and practice their concentration.

WowWee has created a Robobear that bears a resemblance to the ultra smart A.I. driven bear that was in Steven Spielbergís famous film, A.I.  PC Magazine author Lance Ulanoff has just published a full review on the Robopanda. He gives the educational bear a full examination and ends up giving the Robopanda solid marks for being fun and entertaining for children.  After youíve read it, close the window and come back and watch the Robopanda video to see it in action.

Features that we know about so far:

  • It is about 20 inches tall, 11 inches wide, and 6 inches front to back and weight about 8 pounds
  • It displays mood specific behaviors, but more complex than the Roboraptor
  • Has ultra-quiet motors, barely audible to the human ear
  • With itís tilt sensor It will be able to sit, crawl, walk on all fours, roll over and give you a hug
  • It has 8 eight touch sensors, a pair of stereo audio sensors, and the usual infrared sensors for tracking objects
  • It does not have a remote.
  • It responds to touch on nearly every part of its body.
  • It encourages children to play interactive games and interactive stories to help educate the child and practice important mental tasks like memorization and more.


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