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    Books on Building Robots

    Here is a list of books to help you get your robot project off to a fast start:

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    Robot Builder's Bonanza (Tab Electronics)
    by Gordon McComb

    This book is the amateur robot builder’s “bible”.  It has fully illustrated plans for 11 complete robot projects with detailed and clear explanations on the various robot subsystems (locomotion, robotic limbs arms and hands, sensor design, remote control, and more).  Every project includes pictures and a detailed parts lists; including information on the BASIC Stamp microcontroller and other important robotics related chips.  Lego robot enthusiasts and Robotix robot fans will find brand new information on their favorite robots.


    Robot Builder's Sourcebook
    by Gordon McComb

    An encyclopedia of mail order and local area businesses that offer robot parts for amateur and educational robots; over 2,500 listings in all.  Includes helpful sidebars that explain the essential technologies you need to understand to complete your robot project, including original articles on a variety of robot-building topics.  Near perfect customer review rating on


    JunkBots, Bugbots, and Bots on Wheels
    by David Hrynkiw, Mark Tilden

    A handbook for beginning-level robot builders, offering ten basic projects on building BEAM robots starting with easy projects and building up to a basic walking robot project.  Step-by-step instructions from the masters of Junkbot building using objects from around the house. Lots of robot photographs at every step along the construction path.  (BEAM stands for Biology Electronics Aesthetics Mechanics)


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