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    Robot Sites By Our Members

    Here is a list of cool robot web sites belonging to our illustrious forum members.

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    Member: TempusMaster

    TempusMaster’s blog is a must read for any robot lover.  He is a voracious reader of all things robotics, from consumer toy robots to battle and research robots.  His blog is always interesting and informative, and is an entertaining way to find out the latest information on robotics.  Lots of great pictures and videos too!

    Member: icec
    Our Favorite Robot: Pyro the Fire-Fighting Robot

    Pictures and descriptions of several interesting robots created by this forum member.  Each robot description includes useful information about the robots construction. Site includes a detailed tutorial on programming a standard PC parallel port.

    Member: Kokleong
    Site: PC controlled mobile robot
    Our Favorite Robot: Silverbot

    A PC controlled mobile robot that uses an Intel 8051 microcontroller and is programmed using Intel 8051 assembly language. It can move to a pre-programmed location or wander around without hitting any obstacles. The robot can also respond to the host computer’s keyboard, executing commands such as move forward, measure distance, tilt the wireless video camera, or grip an object.

    Member: Nettron
    Site: Nettron’s Electronics and Robotics Site
    Our Favorite Robot: Ostron

    A 20 pound bipedal robot with turnable head, based on the physique of an ostrich.  Includes circuit diagrams and sketches of the robot and its components. Several photographs of the robot are available too.

    Member: CSchur
    Site: Chris and Dawn Schur’s Robotics and Artificial Lifeforms
    Our Favorite Robot: PAAMI

    PAAMI is an acronym for Priority Arbitration Architecture Machine Intelligence.  A member of a rare group of robots that uses a completely hardware based Priority Arbitration Architecture. Based on Rodney Brook’s subsumption architecture, several improvements have been made to modernize the famous robot inventor’s original design. To facilitate this architecture PAAMI has ten PIC processors all running in parallel. Self-charging and inquisitive, PAAMI likes to explore while making amusing sounds and in the future will have the ability objects like cans and tennis balls with here gripper.  Site has other robots, detailed pictures and schematics, and some movies of the robots in action.


    Member: JeffH
    Site: Local
    Our Favorite Robot: JROV

    JROV or Jeff’s Remote Operated Vehicle, is an underwater vehicle with four propeller driven motors that can reach depths of up to 100 feet.  Two of the motors steer the unit and two are for vertical propulsion to lift it off the ground.  It has a low light black and white CCD camera.  You can see several photographs of the ROV and a detailed description.


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