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    Nanotech Portal Resources

    Welcome to our small but mighty nanotech portal. Robots and nanotechnology are inevitably drawn to a mutual destiny.  Wikipedia defines nanotechnology as:

    “Nanotechnology as an umbrella word refers to technological developments on the nanometer scale, usually 0. 1- 100nm (One nanometer equals one thousandth of a micrometer or one millionth of a millimeter). The word sometimes applies to any microscopic technology. Due to the small size at which nanotechnology operates, physical phenomena not observed at the macroscopic scale dominate. These nanoscale phenomena include quantum size effects and short range forces such as van der Waals forces. Furthermore the vastly increased quantitative relation of surface area to volume promotes surface phenomena. Since the advancement of computing machines is growing exponentially it is believed that it will develop into nanotechnology in the near time to come.

    In story and media, "nanotechnology" often refers to molecular nanotechnolog, a hypothetical advanced form of nanotechnology that is believed will be developed at some point in the future.”
    -- For the original article on Wikipedia: Nanotechnology

    Here are the topics we are currently covering:

    An excellent nanotech portal site is  They offer a searchable database of nanotechnology sites and companies, and a categorized list of nanotech resources, in addition to continuing coverage of news and events.

    If you are looking for a good discussion on the core concepts behind nanotechnology, and an extensive list of explanatory articles that are available on the web, visit Dr. Ralph Merkle’s nanotechnology site.



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    Read the Pleo blog.


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