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    Movies & Video for Robosapien Fans



    Chance Brown, the expert Robosapien hacker, has a new Robosapien video featuring intense kitten vs. Robosapien combat.  This unfortunate event happened while his robot was innocently begging for fresh batteries.  Donít miss it! There are several other interesting and hilarious videos on this page.


    Finding video made with the Robosapien robot can be a bit difficult. But we managed to scrounge up a few of them up so you could see the robot in action.  Hereís a list of sites that have Robosapien Robot Movies.

    Our very own Robosapien Dance Video is here!

    Bookmark this page now (Ctrl-D) and check back then to see it yourself!  In the meantime, use the list below to look at some of the movies that people have created, along with the videos created by Mark Tilden himself.  Mark Tilden is the inventor of the Robosapien robot.  If you have your own Robosapien movie or know of one that is not on this page, please e-mail us and let us know about it!


   - Robosapien, Roboraptor, and Robopet video clip
    HOT, NEW CLIP! Hereís a clip taken from the CES 2005 show that debuts the brand new Robosapien robots coming from Mark Tilden.  The clip starts out with footage of the brand new Roboraptor robot, followed by coverage of the exciting new Robosapien V2 robot, and ending with video of the new Robopet robot. The Roboraptor is a dinosaur, the Robosapien V2 is the successor to the original Robosapien robot, and the Robopet is a very skinny dog that does tricks. - Unofficial Robosapien hacks and mods site
    Various movies include a one of Robosapien playing basketball, talking, and more.  Great hacks and mods to make your robot play music over itís radio frequence link (RF), control your robot from a Palm handheld using the Infrared link (IR), and much more.  Excellent forum too. Digital Gallery
    At last check, over 8 movies of Mark Tildenís Robosapien Robot.  The videos are in MPEG format and are of decent quality.

    Nuts & Volts Magazine
    From their JANUARY 2004 section. Click here to download the video titled robosapien.avi.  Itís about 3.7 MB in length.
    A good quality Quicktime movie of the Robosapien robot in action.  They have only this one video, but itís definitely worth a look.




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