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    Samsung Refrigerator



    Although not a robot per se, Samsung is working on creating a refrigerator that will be the smartest refrigerator you will ever own.  The reason for it being covered here on RobotsRule is because robots and A.I. (artificial intelligence) go hand in hand.

    According to this Samsung spokesman Chae Hee-kook, the refrigerator will use RFID technology to track the items in your refrigerator.  RFID stands for Radio-frequency identification. Tags are placed in many kinds of consumer goods that have RFID tags embedded in them allowing them to be tracked efficiently.

    Using inventory levels set by the user, it will notify you when you are running low a particular item. Notification can happen in one of two intriguing ways:

    1. The refrigerator will be able to send a shopping list of required groceries directly to your cell phone.  So you may find yourself in the near future getting a call from you refrigerator instead of your significant other, asking you to pick some things up on the way home! 
    2. For participating grocery stores, it will be able to send your order directly to the store. 

    Given the second method, then theoretically if the store has a delivery service and your approval, you may find everything you need to make dinner tonight already waiting for you when you come home, without you having to do anything else but put the stuff away and cook it. Who knows, by the time the refrigerator is made available your home robot will do that for you! Other planned features include a recipe database that will suggest recipes based on what you have in the refrigerator, or will tell you what you need to buy if you want to make the meal for a recipe you like in the database.

    The samsung refrigerator is scheduled to be available in 2008 or 2009.




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