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    Robosapien RS Media

    Watch my Robosapien RS Media video ďVadersapien - The Empire Strikes Back!Ē



    My favorite features:

    • The ability to create your own custom personalities using the included software suite.  You can add your own sounds, scripted body movements; even interact with some of the other other WowWee robots. (See my free downloadable Vadersapien personality in the Quick Links box.)
    • Track objects of different colors and automatically take pictures of them.
    • Enter guard mode and the scare the devil out of friends and family (pets too) when they enter the room, by having a preprogrammed script you created trigger upon entry. Your Robosapien RS media will react to any close proximity movement or loud sounds.
    • Insert an SD card up to 1 GB for expanded storage space for even more custom personalities.
    • And much more ...


    The Videos!



    Quick Links:

    Free Vadersapien Custom Personality

    Free Elmosapien Custom Personality - watch the video, itís hilarious!

    Recommended items (Note: Although I use them myself because the RS Media is very battery hungry, WowWee specifically advises you NOT to use rechargeable batteries!  In any case, you will need 6 ďDĒ cell batteries and 4 ďAAĒ cell batteries. Use them at your own risk!):

    Helpful RadioShack product links:

    1.2V/4500mAh Ni-MH Rechargeable Batteries - 2-Pack "D"  

    1.2V/2000mAh AA Ni-MH Rechargeable Batteries - 2-Pk  

    Universal Ni-Cd/Ni-MH Battery Charger  

    Get the latest Robosapien RS Media tips, news, pictures, and videos, delivered direct to your email box.  Subscribe now!

    01-06-2006: Engadget quotes a WowWee representative who claims the Robosapien RS Media will be $300 USD, which is a lot cheaper than our international brethren had to pay.

    10-02-2006: The official WowWee Toys web site for the Robosapien RS Media is now online.  It's a very slick Flash based web site with supporting audio files.  There are no videos on the site yet but hopefully that will change soon. The site does go into the technical specifications for the robot and confirms that the robot does indeed run an embedded form of Linux.  In addition, the BodyCon movement editing and other customization software will run on computers running Windows XP.  Many of the robot's features are broken out in different screens so you can get a good idea of what you can expect from the successor to the Robosapien V2.

    09-29-2006: The Robosapien RS Media will be launching next week at UK based department store Debenham's. The $558 (USD) robot will only be available at Debenham's until October 21, 2006, which is when it will be opened up to wider distribution globally.  Details on the robotís features have not changed, except for the confirmation that the robot will powered by a RISC based ARM9 processor system running a Linux kernel.

    01-06-2006: WowWee Toys International introduced three new exciting consumer robots at the 2006 Consumer Electronics show.  One of the most fascinating items at the show itself was the latest heir to the Robosapien V2 line, the Robosapien RS Media.  This version is a vast improvement in programmability, dynamic modification, and flexibility over even the recently released Robosapien V2. Here are a list of itís biggest features:

    • A 320 by 160 color LCD display which can show you what the robot is seeing through the camera that is mounted on his head.
    • It can display an image or MPEG video downloaded by the user onto the robotís removable SD memory sticks, on the LCD display.
    • The ability to store body movements with the user being the puppet master, like Robosapien V2 can. However, it  will allow the user to edit those movements with the robotís accompanying BodyCon editing package.
    • You can record and store your voice into the robotís SD memory sticks which can be played back by the robot.
    • Includes a USB port, protocol version 1.0, for interfacing with the robot.
    • It can play back music files that you download to it through itís 11 watt stereo speakers; making the robot something akin to a programmable roving boom box.

    The most interesting feature of the new Robosapien RS media robot is the ability to modify and swap personalities, thanks to the removable SD memory cards. Check back frequently for more information on this robot that should be ready for purchase by Christmas 2006!



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