Mini Roboraptor

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Mini Roboraptor


The mini Roboraptor is a tiny version of the full sized Roboraptor.  Itís features include:

  • Itís about a foot long
  • It walks
  • You can move and change the position of itís arms and jaws, however you must do so manually.
  • It requires only two AAA batteries

eBay Auctions for the Mini Roboraptor are expiring now!

It does not have a remote control and it does not have all the cool artificial intelligence capabilities of itís bigger brother such as hunting mode, cautious mode, playful mode. Nor does it have any sensors like the stereo sonic sensors for sound location (prey finding) and the infrared sensors for obstacle avoidance.

Will it grow up to be a full sized Roboraptor some day!  No and be glad it wonít.  To do so it would have to eat all the batteries in your house and some of your home electronics like your toaster or VCR!  But hey, itís a cute little dinousaur and it makes a great inexpensive gift!





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