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UPDATE (12-19-2005): Ask real Robopet owners your Robopet questions or get help with problems, by visiting the Robopet forum.  For the latest tips and tricks, including pictures and videos of the Robopet visit the Robopet Review blog. All readers comments are welcome.

A common question I get asked via e-mail is:

Can you control two Robopets individually if they are nearby each other?

The answer unfortunately is no.  The Robopet remote control uses infrared technology.  If two robopets are close to each other, then they are in the line of sight of the remote control, and both respond to any nearby remote control that is pointed at them.  So if you press the Howl trick button on the remote control, then both Robopets will do the Howl trick

There is a known hack or modification that was done by an owner of two Roboraptors, where he modified the carrier frequency of one of the Roboraptors and this allowed him to control each Roboraptor individually.  But this was a sophisticated hack and outside the capability of most toy robot owners.  (Think of the carrier frequency as the frequency of a radio station on your radio’s tuning knob; it separates the radio programs from each other.)


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