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    Robopet Video

    See a Robopet robot being controlled by voice in this 3 minute demonstration video.  I used an updated version of Robosapien Dance Machine, SourceForge’s Project of the month for May 2005, to control my Robopet robot using the software’s voice control interface.


    Robosapien Dance Machine

    Robopet is a terrifically fun and animated robot.  He is the most autonomous and rebellious of Mark Tilden’s line of robot toys.  Controlling him by voice takes practice and required several custom modifications to Robosapien Dance Machine to make it work well.  Even then, Robopet chose to ignore me at times and do his own thing

    In fact, the Robopet you see in the video is my new Chrome model.  My original Red Robopet fell off the table with great vigor so many times, that his right back leg motor went out.  This happened because I practiced with him on a table and I didn’t pen him in so that he couldn’t fall off. 

    There were a few instances where I told him to stop when he was near a table edge, and he decided to roll over and play dead, literally!


    Visit The Robopet Forum To Discuss This Movie Or Talk About The Robopet!

    This made making the video very interesting too. He trained me as much as I trained him while trying to get a decent video put together. The video you are about to see is completely unedited, but it certainly wasn’t the first take!  Normally this kind of rebel robot antics would annoy me, but since the Robopet has so much personality, it is very endearing and makes him feel like a real dog. WARNING!: If you play with him on a table, surround it with pillows or build a small corral to pen him in!

    And now, without further introduction, the Robopet Voice Control Video (Windows Media File: 6 MB, 3 minutes in duration).


    If you want stay on top of the latest and funniest happenings with Robopet, read the Robopet Review blog!



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