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This page will give you important buyers and safety information, tips and tricks on the new Wall-E robot from Thinkway Toys.

Standing over 16 inches tall, this is the supreme Wall-E toy of the year and the one that everyone is talking about.  His built-in infrared sensors help him detect obstacles around him and he has the charming ability to follow your voice around the room. His remote control comes with a unique touch pad that allows you to trace Wall-Es path with our finger on a touch sensitive pad.  It is without a doubt the Ultimate Wall-E gift to give to yourself or a family member this year. You can also program him using the remote control so you can make your own long sequences of actions, up to 1000 steps long.  There are also two joysticks that can control his movements and direction as well including several function buttons to trigger realistic sound effects and expressions just like the real Wall-E movie character. We expect this one to sell out fast so unless you want to overpay for one on eBay, pre-order Ultimate Wall-E now.

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Heres a breakdown of Ultimate Wall-Es features including battery requirements, estimated release date, suggested retail price and more.

Technical Specifications

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    Infrared sensors detect obstacles and allow Ultimate Wall-E to avoid them
  • Automatically shuts down after an extended period of inactivity to conserve battery life
  • Easy to use remote control with innovative touch pad to navigate Ultimate Wall-E with
  • Reacts to sounds and has a mode in which he will follow your voice
  • Stands over 16 inches tall
  • Stereo audio sensors make Ultimate Wall-E respond to sounds and allow him to follow your voice
  • Two arms with independent movement in the up and down directions
  • Lots of realistic sound effects to give him that movie character feel
  • Tons of preprogrammed animations to replicate the personality that Disney and Pixar made famous

Battery Requirements

Robot - 7.2 Volt rechargeable battery (included)
Remote control - 3 AA cell batteries

(Want to know how to save big bucks on batteries?)

Estimated Release Date

Mid-October 2008

Suggested Retail Price


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