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Elmo LiveFisher-Price has done it again and created Elmo Live, an amazing animatronic Elmo that dances, sings, and tells stories. The most advanced Elmo robot ever, Elmo Live doll seems almost like the real Sesame Street muppet character made legendary by the talented Kevin Clash.  Elmo Live’s mouth moves as he speaks as his head bounces about complete with the frantic arm waving that makes Elmo so hysterical to children and adults alike. He even crosses and uncrosses his legs and switches between switching and standing as he regales you and your family with songs and stories!

Elmo Live Doll - Features

  • Elmo Live Dances and sings while telling interesting stories and jokes, plays games with you and other interactive tricks.
  • Animatronic style servos animate his torso and shoulders.  His legs have no movement actuators in them but appear to move when his torso lifts him in to a standing position.
  • Elmo live has touch sensors in his left foot, tummy, back, and nose
  • Elmo Live also has a tilt sensor.  If he falls over, he will ask you to help him get back up.
  • Elmo Live will automatically go to sleep to save battery life, when left unattended.


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Release  Date

Elmo Live will be in stores on October 14, 2008

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Elmo Live Review with Video

I love Elmo Live.  After playing it with several hours I was very impressed with how many songs, stories, and bits he could do.  His mouth movements were in nearly perfect sync with the voice, which really gave me the feeling that I had my own little furry Elmo of my own. You can hear the gears when he moves but it’s not bad at all and quickly forgotten; especially the instant you start laughing at Elmo’s antics. His jokes are funny and some of the funniest ones are when he pretends the joke has bombed and you can hear crickets chirping in the background while he looks completely dejected. Getting him out of the box was just 4 quick snips of some wire wraps with a pair of scissors. Since Fisher Price includes the needed 6 AA batteries with Elmo Live, I could immediately play with him after pulling out the “Try Me” strap near the battery compartment. In short, Elmo Live is sure to be a blockbuster hit this year because he is a ton of fun.  Once you know where the four touch sensors are you are in for hours of fun without the need to learn a complex remote control or study a manual. Highly, highly recommended.  Please watch our video review below to really see the magic of Elmo Live! 

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Elmo Live Video Review


More Elmo Live Videos

Here is a video of Elmo Live doing a short song.

Dr. Labcoat and New Elmo Live from Long Tran on Vimeo.


Here is a video of Elmo Live at this years Toy Fair 2008.  He does the same song and dance but from a different camera viewpoint, and at the end of the video, tells a story about a giant:


Gizmodo has more videos and some pictures of Elmo Live,  For more Elmo + Robot fun, here is a video of Elmosapien, a Robosapien RS Media robot dress up as Elmo and talking like him too:


And here is a spoof video we did that shows Elmo doing his own version of the “Numa Numa” dance along with Grover (Elmo Numa Ye!).  Yep, we love Elmo here at RobotsRule too!


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Fisher-Price Elmo Live - In Stock Now at Amazon/UK! 

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eBay/UK (Worth checking but be smart!)


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