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This page is for people that are looking for the best Nintendo Wii price possible, with important tips on how to save money when you buy Nintendo Wii gear.  If youíre in a rush you will find the current Nintendo Wii price chart after the pricing tips.  Click here to jump to the price chart.

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A quick note to my fellow Nintendo Wii fans in the USA on why the Nintendo Wii gear is so expensive and frequently hard to find in the United States, leading to fierce and persistent price gouging on auction sites like eBay (especially eBay). Speculation has it that itís mostly due to the significant decline in the US dollar. This greatly affects Nintendoís profitability on inventory they allocate for sale here. Instead, they allocate the bulk of their inventory to international markets where their profit margins are intact.  They still fulfull their commitments to stores in the USA, itís just that the allocations are smaller and therefore sparser making it harder to find stores with available Nintendo gear. You can find Nintendo Wii consoles (and Wii Fit bundles, etc.) if you are willing to do some driving as I discovered when I went out to get a Wii Fit, but you have to be willing to canvas multiple retail stores in your area.  If you do you will find out that store allocations are uneven with some stores getting more than they need, and others selling out within minutes of receiving inventory.

Important eBay Nintendo Wii price notes

However, even those that do have excess units will only have them for a very short time.  If youíre not willing to drive around and therefore get the a Nintendo Wii price that is at regular retail price, then youíll have to pay a significant premium to those who are scooping them up and then auctioning them off on eBay. For example, I got my Wii Fit at the second Target store I drove to for the regular retail price of $89.  At that time, it was impossible to buy one for less than about $135 on eBay, despite the fact there were a ton of eBay listings for it. You can check this out for youself by doing a product search on eBay and checking off the completed listings only box.  This will show you what the Nintendo Wii consoles or accessories actually sold for when the auction closed out at, instead of the current bid price which is a useless price reference until the auction has nearly expired due to last minute price sniping.  One of the bittersweet truths about eBay now is that although itís still a great resource for finding items and recycling used goods, there are so many arbitrators and price hunters on eBay now that prices find a consistent level very quickly making bargains hard to find on popular items.



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