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Watch Femisapien, aka E.M.A., in “Robot Girl”, her first music video ever!

WowWee's first female addition to their robot lineup, the Femisapien is an intelligent and interactive dancing robot (also known as E.M.A. the Kissing robot distributed by Sega Toys in Japan. WowWee is the inventor). She has the most fluid movements of the WowWee family and has her own language consisting of emotive sounds.  She can sense gestures that you make, sounds, and responds to touch, and has the ability to control and interact with other members of the WowWee family of robots.

She has three modes of of behavior:

  • Attentive Mode - in this mode she wanders, sees, hears, and dances in an interactive manner.
  • Learning Mode - in this mode you can create a routine of dance movements with Femisapien to be played back later
  • Responsive Mode - in this mode she plays back the dance routines you create in Learning Mode

The behavior modes are accessed by tilting her head in three different directions. You use her hands like joysticks.  Touching them alters her motion.  She has 36 different function and 20 interactive routines at her disposal.

Note: do not use the Bladestar outdoors!


  • Sophisticated walking, motion, and gestures
  • 5 motors with 12 degress of freedom (translated, can dance her mechanical booty off.)
  • Custom emotive language that is interactive and can be understood by other WowWee robots.
  • Controllable via touch, sight or sound in addition to her 4-way joystick hands.
  • Can detect music being played and will dance along in time to the beat.
  • Programmable.  Create your own dance routines.
    Infrared sensors giving her radar vision with a range of up to 1.2 feet.
  • Sound sensors allow her to hear you from across the room
  • She can control WowWee’s other infrared controllable robots.
  • Can be controlled using the Robosapien V1 controller.  (The original Robosapien.)

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Technical Specifications

  • 5 motors
  • 4 position switches in each joystick hand with access to 56 different functions
    Infrared receiver
  • 2 infrared transmitters
  • Microphone that provides sound sensing abilities.  Responds to words, music, and sharp noises
  • Speaker. Has the ability to store and play back up to 90 seconds of sound
  • 2 tilt sensors to detect falling over in either the backwards or forwards direction
  • 56 functions with an additional 68 hidden functions
  • Song triggered dancing ability

Battery Requirements

6 AA batteries (Want to know how to save big bucks on batteries?)

Estimated Release Date

Late Summer of 2008.

Suggested Retail Price


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IMPORTANT!: Amazon has slashed the price of Femisapien to only $57 USD with free shipping (That’s nearly 1/2 the retail price!).

Click Here To Buy Femisapien From Amazon Now - Only $57 USD!  


Femisapien Picture Gallery - Photos courtesy of WowWee Group Limited

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Femisapien Videos



See two Femisapien in an extaordinary fencing match!



This videos shows just how super easy it is to script Femisapien simply by moving her body around (posing her).



WowWee gives a demonstration of the talented and graceful dancing machine they’ve called Femisapien.



Another video with short segments showing her very nimble and fluid arm movements.



Three Femisapiens dancing in unison like a miniature robot Rockettes.



A WowWee staff member goes into some detail about how to program Femisapien and also some of her unique behaviors.



Read the Pleo blog.


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