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Femisapien Review

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Femisapien is WowWee's first female robot ever.  She's smart, funny, can dance up a storm, and perform skits with you or with other WowWee robots.  This review will give you an in-depth look at Femisapien's features and interface; by interface I mean how you interact with her and teach her dances and movements.

NOTE: The now famous E.M.A. robot also known as Sega's Kissing Robot is in reality a Femisapien. E.M.A. is a Femisapien repackaged and rebranded for the Japanese market in an OEM deal.  E.M.A. stands for Eternal Maiden Actualization.

NOTE: For the usual basic features and requirements summary in convenient list format, visit our main Femisapien page.

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A good pair of wire cutters, a decent knife, and a Phillips head screwdriver makes unpacking Femisapien a simple task; especially the wire cutters, without which the job becomes much harder. Make sure not to pull too hard on the robot’s appendages, she’s tough but she will break. If you have cut all the straps properly she should slip easily out of the box. Sometimes you have to pull the wire straps completely out of the box after cutting them before she comes loose.

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Femisapien Loves Elmo

The Basics


Femisapien requires 6 AA batteries, 3 in each foot.  Read the section titled How To Save Money On Batteries for important tips on getting the right batteries for her.


Femisapien does not use English words when speaking. Instead she uses something called Emotish, which is like the non-verbal sounds made by the characters in the widely popular game The Sim's. Instead of words she simply makes the sounds behind the words; like humming but without making a melody. Think of the sound someone makes when saying "Uh-Uh" to indicate that there is no way that are going to eat something they don't like.


Femisapien has sensors to detect obstacles in front of her.  Be aware that some of her behaviors and walking modes don't make use of them so read the manual carefully to know what to expect. In addition, she has a tilt sensor so she can detect when she is upright or has falling down. If she falls down she will complain with a soft sigh and wait for you to pick her up, at which point she'll say "thank you" in Emotish.  If you lay her down for an extended period of time she will yawn and stretch and then fall asleep with a cute yawning and stretching animation.

Revolutionary and Evolutionary

Femisapien is both a natural extension of the humanoid branch of the WowWee consumer robot family and a revolution in toy robot interactivity.  Except for notable exceptions like the Pleo dinosaur artificial pet, buying a toy robot frequently means embarking on a significant learning curve in using a remote control.  Some remote controls even require mastering combinations of several SHIFT function keys and mode buttons.  For techie types like myself and many others this was fine and was even part of the fun, but it has been a significant barrier for a lot of people and either prevented them from adopting a toy robot into their family at all or quickly shelving an expensive holiday or birthday present after a few hours of use.

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Video Review!

Below you can watch an in-depth video review that will show you the amazing Femisapien in full detail. This video was created after we played with Femisapien for many happy weeks.



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