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Free software packages to use with your Femisapien

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Special Software

There are two pieces of software that you can download to make Femisapien even more fun; my free Robodance software and the free scripting software that is included in WowWee's versatile and inexpensive Roboremote remote control.

(Editor’s Note: The version of Robodance described here that has special features for MP3 integration and Femisapien support has not been released yet.)  Robodance gives you the ability to command your Femisapien robot with your voice and to build complex scripts with her that you can store to your hard disk for later usage, and share with others.  The voice control system gives you easy access to many of Femisapien's long list of modes, movements, and behaviors.  It will also allow you to store an accompanying MP3 with your Femisapien dance scripts and helps you time Femisapien's movements so they are in time with the music. You can also control your Femisapien with a Nintendo Wii remote control and Nunchaku attachment and make your own custom button and WiiMote gesture layouts. For more information visit the Robodance web site for a huge list of other features. 

The companion software to WowWee's Roboremote also allows you to do scripting too but does not have the Voice Control and Nintendo Wiimote/Nunchaku interface features. 

IMPORTANT: Both software packages require a Windows 2000 or newer PC for operation and Robodance's Voice Control system requires a microphone.  For the Nintendo WiiMote/Nunchaku interface, you just need those attachments, the Nintendo Wii console system is not required.




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