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WowWee Femisapien Robot Review

Operation Modes & Behaviors (Tricks)

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The Operation Modes : Responsive, Attentive, or Learning

Femisapien has three main modes of operation, each with a different general theme. These modes are accessed by tilting her head into one of three vertical positions, downwards (Learning), straight-ahead (Responsive), and upwards (Attentive).

Learning Mode

The easiest to describe is Learning mode.  This is where you pose her and she repeats the body movements you teach her in sequence.  Learning mode is entered by tilting her head to the furthermost downwards position and exited by tilting it upwards.

Responsive Mode

You place Femisapien in Responsive mode by tilting her head to the straight-ahead position. The main item of attraction in Responsive Mode is Femisapien's skits.  While there are skits that involve Femisapien and several of WowWee's other robots, the main partners intended for these skits are either you, the original Robosapien, or another Femisapien.  There are several different kinds of walks that are available in Responsive mode; some feature her ability to avoid obstacles using her infrared sensors whereas in the rest that feature is not available.  All of the walks and skits can be triggered through the use of her 4-point Joystick Interface, while some of her walks can be triggered through her Hand Gesture Interface.

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Wall-E and E.M.A. (Femisapien)

Attentive Mode

TIP: In Attentive Mode you can adjust her volume up or down using her 4-Point Joystick Interface.

Attentive mode is entered when Femisapien's head is in the upwards position.  You will find the bulk of Femisapien's deluxe behaviors in Attentive mode along with several unique walks; some featuring obstacle avoidance and some without. Since the behaviors are truly unique and entertaining I have listed each of them below, some of which can be seen in the companion video to this review. All of these behaviors and walks can be triggered through the use of her 4-Point Joystick Interface.  The behaviors that can be seen in the companion video are marked with the text (video) next to them.

Fashion Pose (video)

Mentioned earlier. In this mode Femisapien strikes a new pose every 3 seconds. This is a fun mode where she behaves like a living mannequin. I'll be astonished if Toy and Clothing stores don't start putting Femisapiens in Fashion Pose mode and then prop them up in their display windows to attract customers. In fact, she's a great attraction for any store or trade booth.

Fast Backup Singer (video)

Mentioned earlier. She reacts to the sounds of fast loud rhythmic music such as disco, heavy metal, rap, hip-hop, etc by lightly dancing and singing a "shoop" sound; she will also react to your voice to if you sing or speak to her loudly enough.  The LED's on her wrist will pulse for added effect and when she's done she'll close out with a stylistic "doo wah wah" sound and flourish.

Slow Backup Singer

Same as above but at a slower pace for music with a slower tempo.

Business Card Presentation (video)

This trick is great fun for people at a trade show or booth, or anyone who wants to offer an object to incoming guests or friends.  The object doesn't have to be a business card, any small thin object will do including a post-it note, index card, etc.  In this mode you hand her the business card by wedging it into her right hand and then push that hand inwards to let her know she has it.  She will walk forward until she sees something in front of her using her infrared sensors. She will then offer the business card and wait for a short period of time for it to be taken from her.  If you take the card and then press her hand inwards she will know she is done and will thank you; otherwise she will turn right and find someone else to approach and offer the card to. Actually it's quite funny when you don't take the card because she tries again to get your attention and then gets miffed if you don't take it before she walks off.  It's a wildly fun party or trade show trick and it's a real treat to watch.  She can also do this trick with her left hand.

Walk With Me

This is an absolutely delightful mode where Femisapien wants you to walk her about, leading her by the right hand. You simply push her right hand outward.  She'll lift her hand and wait for you to take it. Then you squeeze it to let her know you're ready.  Just lead her about in a slow gentle walking gait. A table at waist height works great for adults and the truly young folk can put her on the floor.  If you don't take her hand she'll sigh sadly at your rejection and go back to standing, which she also does when you let go of her hand after you have finished dancing with her.  She can also do this trick with her left hand.

Backwards Walk With Me

Same as above but in this mode she will respond to your lead by walking backwards instead of forwards.

Slow Dance With Me (video)

Mentioned previously.  You push both her hands outwards away from her body at the same time. She'll life her arms up expectantly waiting for you to take them.  You hold her hands and gently squeeze them, as you lead her about in a slow dance step.  When you are done you let go and she says "thank you" in Emotish.

Kissing (video)

Femisapien likes to blow kisses at you or anything else she detects with her infrared sensors (See photo in right hand column).  She has four different types of kisses.  This is the behavior that earned her the Kissing Robot nickname that the mainstream press came up with for her; in fact you may have already seen one or two videos where she does this. It's an adorable little trick that makes people laugh and is a real conversation starter.

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In Wandering mode Femisapien will explore her surroundings.  She will detect obstacles but still, a hard flat floor in an uncluttered environment free of small objects on the ground or thin vertical objects like table legs are best; such items will trip her up and she'll fall.  As she explores she will make small comments in Emotish, especially when she detects something in front of her.

Guard Mode

The ubiquitous Guard mode. In this mode she will swipe at anything that comes within range of her infrared sensors. She'll swing at the intruder up to four times, each time making a different sound. The funniest sound is when she cries out "EEK!" in a scene reminiscent of that found in classic cartoons or old time movies; the one where the lady of the house sees a mouse and jumps on a chair. This behavior is far more funny than menacing.  She can do this trick with either hand.


Feeling lonely?  Need someone to talk to who is non-judgemental, a great listener, and low maintenance? (Just a few fresh batteries and she's all yours).  In Conversation mode Femisapien will respond to your voice, any loud sound really, and act as if she's talking to you. Her wrist LEDs will pulse with each phrase you say.  If you don't talk to her she'll try to get your attention with a questioning Emotish sound every 20 seconds.  With a little practice and even a small amount of acting skill, you can turn this into a hilarious trick to delight your friends; especially if you've rehearsed a conversation that teases a friend or tells a ridiculous story.  It will look like Femisapien is in on the gag. ("So did you see Bob at lunch today? ...  "Yes he ate the whole pizza by himself, and then the table too!" ... etc.)

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