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Friday, April 28, 2006


Pleo - Supported By A Management "Dream Team"

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In the glamourous and glitzy world of toys where the toy gets all the attention, especially when it's a baby green , it's important to take note of the upper management behind the toy. That management is the engine that will either make or break a new hit toy because without a solid management team, the long term success of the toy is unlikely.

UGOBE, the company behind the , has the Dream Team of upper management when it comes to creativity, experience, and the all important manufacturing contacts to make sure there's enough well designed sturdy little Pleo's for all of us.

From a UGOBE press release we can see already the diverse and critically relevant backgrounds of the Advisory Board and Board Of Director line-ups:

"... Established leaders from companies such as Sun Microsystems, Softbank China Venture Capital and ChinaVest Merchant Bank. Its members represent a range of executive experience and engineering talent that have contributed to the success of companies including Apple Computer, Atari Computer (now Warner Communications), General Motors, Lucasfilm Ltd., Macy’s California and Twentieth Century Fox."

An analysis of the companies listed:
Fairness dictates that I give a complete listing of the people involved:

UGOBE Board of Directors:
UGOBE Advisory Board:
High power talent in the crucial areas of robotics, toy design, retailing, computing, and manufacturing. Deep ties to the production powerhouse known as the Asia. And to top it all off, they have Caleb Chung the genius inventor behind the smash hit toy the Furby, as their lead inventor. I'd say 's chances of success are pretty good, don't you think?

Tuesday, April 18, 2006


Pleo - The Focus Is On Feelings

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According to CEO Bob Christopher, Caleb Chung learned soon after the smash success of his Furby creation that people are more fascinated by life than with features and functions. So critical is this premise to 's soul that they even named Pleo's operating system "LifeOS".

The term LifeOS was coined by Christopher and is arguably the first operating system ever created based on emulating emotions. Currently it has more than 50 artificial intelligence algorithms whose sole purpose are to simulate emotions and model the behavior of the chemical hormones in a living being.

Not only did UGOBE consult and use computer programmers and robot engineers in the creation of Pleo, they also brought in expert animators, scientists, and biologists to make Pleo as real as they possibly could. This explains why Pleo is so incredibly lifelike and so different from any other robot or artificial life form that preceded it.

For Pleo the , the future's so bright, he's gotta wear shades!

Wednesday, April 12, 2006


Pleo - New Video!

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Finally, a nice juicy 4 minute long Pleo video with 's Caleb Chung, playing with his creation. There is very little talking in this video so you can get a solid look at the adorable , or artificial life form, in action. Caleb pets , plays with his feet, strokes his back and tail, and let's him explore the table he is on. At one point, you see Pleo nervously examining the edge of the table, afraid to move forward. You can see this video on the popular science web site. You will need Apple's QuickTime media player to view the movie. If you don't have it, there is a link on the page to download the free player.

Pleo does seem to have a penchant for gently nibbling fingers, at least Caleb's, and for exploring his world. When Caleb plays with Pleo's feet it's a joy to see Pleo react like a kitten at the attention. I have not figured out why yet, but Pleo seems even more adorable and cuddly in this video than in the previous Demo 2006 video. When Pleo gently goes to sleep at the end of the video, you'll be torn between wanting to wake him up so you can see more of him, and letting the poor little guy get his rest.

Monday, April 10, 2006


Pleo - Three Laws of UGOBE Life Forms

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To understand you have to understand the company behind it, . They are very passionate about Pleo and when you see their laws for what a UGOBE Life Form must be, it's easy to understand the intensity of thought behind Pleo's construction. The three laws are:
If I had not seen the video of Pleo I would have looked at these three laws as a nice marketing tool on their part. But, as I watch that video, if I treat the three laws as a test, Pleo passes that test with flying colors. What is most telling is UGOBE's primary mandate for their , the ability to feel and convey emotions.

From the video I am sure that Pleo does indeed convey emotions so, does Pleo feel emotions? Perhaps soon we will be asking "Does Pleo dream?". I don't know the answer to that, but I can say with certainty that millions of children and adults will be dreaming of Pleo.

Friday, April 07, 2006


Pleo - Updated Release Date

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has recently updated their release date for the . The original release date was the third quarter of this year. That date has been pushed back slightly to the beginning of fourth quarter of this year (2006). A little later, but still plenty of time before that all important holiday season.

For those of you that are curious about Pleo's background as a real life dinosaur, Pleo is modeled after a one week old baby Camarasaurus, which means "chambered lizard". The Camarasaurus is a gentle herbivore from the Jurassic period of Earth's history. It is interesting that Pleo has already achieved fame enough to be noted in Wikipedia's page for the Camarasaurus.

Thursday, April 06, 2006


Pleo - CNN article

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CNN has a good write-up on some of the more exciting features of 's . Their Pleo article highlights three very powerful features that are part of the reason the Pleo is so endearing and life-like:
Stay tuned for more, it will only get better from here.

Monday, April 03, 2006


And They Called it "Pleo Love"...

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I expect to be loved by everyone and especially by the ladies. Whether it's a maternal instinct thing or just because Pleo is so adorable, here's an example showing how women react to Pleo:

-- photo author miss_rogue - (?)

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