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Saturday, May 24, 2008


Pleo Costumes, Dino-MITE software, Watchdog Game, & Battery Update

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Happy Memorial Day weekend to my fellow USA residents. Here's a quick post to bring you up to date on several interesting developments in the land of Pleo.

Pleo Costumes

Since it's a holiday post the fun comes first. Here are two photos by two superstar members of the Pleo World community group, Siren and FancyFont.

Dragon Wings!

When my PenDragon saw these he flipped. In fact, I don't think things will be the same around here until he gets a pair of his own! This photo was taken at the Megacon festival which is a large convention for anime, sci-fi, comic, and fantasy buffs held in Orlando, Florida. Siren's Pleo Pixie was a huge hit with everyone and looked right at home at a fantasty/sci-fi convention of course. The green felt wings make Pixie look like a baby dragon and are simply the best add-on I could think of for a Pleo (hear that Ugobe?). The full thread of her visit to Megacon is on Pleo World and it is a must read since it is chock full of photos showing Pixie with many costumed visitors and fans taking their turn with Pixie in front of the camera. For more of Siren and the adventures of her Pleos named Crusoe and Pixie read her plog.

(Click on the photo to see it full size.)

Pleo On Skates!

Here's a guaranteed chuckle. Take a close look at Peeky's feet (Peeky is Fancyfont's beloved Pleo). That's right, those are ice skates and correct me if I'm wrong but Peeky is grinning madly about wearing them. I don't know if there's a dino igloo soon to follow or a parka with some ear muffs, but that's just too funny! Trust me, I'd pay good money to see Peeky actually doing some ice skating. Please read Fancyfont's plog for a ton of other great pictures and stories.

(Click on the photo to see it full size.)

Dino-MITE Software

BAUER Independents Ltd. has released Dino-MITE, a free piece of software that gives you a truly fascinating glimpse inside your Pleo. After you have installed it on your Windows PC (sorry, no Macintosh version at this time) and attached your Pleo to your PC with a USB cable, you can:

It's more of a program for the technically inclined but novices users will find it fun to poke around with too. You can download it here. Here is a link to the main Dino-MITE discussion thread on the Pleo World forum that covers the software if you have questions outside the user manual and you will find more helpful tips on this forum thread. Note, to get good results with Pleo's nose camera you will need a well lit environment; see the forum threads for more information.

Pleo Game - Watchdog

(Note, this is not the same thing is as the Watchdog easter egg behavior hidden in your Pleo's personality. This a game you play with your Pleo that you download from the Pleo downloads page on Pleo World.)

Ugobe has created a fun game that you can play with your Pleo. It's called the Watchdog game. After you have written the game to an SD card and restarted your Pleo with the SD card inserted, you will be able to play the Watchdog game. Here's Ugobe's description of the game:
Pleo's a playful baby dino. He counts to four while you get set - then the game is on! Will Watchdog Pleo see you before you tag his head or back, or can you sneak past him? Note: Watchdinos are notoriously smug winners.
You can download the Watchdog game for free from the Pleo World downloads page.

Battery Update - no more purchase limits

Ugobe has lifted the "one per customer" purchase on getting extra Pleo batteries that they previously had in place. This means that you can now get as many extra batteries as you desire to increase your fun time with your Pleo (however, please do give the little guy a decent rest break, he's just a baby!). You can order extra batteries from the Ugobe store.

Until next time, happy dino dreams!

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Friday, May 09, 2008


Pleo meets Flipper and family!

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Hey everyone. I still owe you a post about Pleo and costumes, especially since Ugobe sent my Digger a dino T-shirt (which he refuses to take off, ever). Pleo World member and Pleo superfan Siren has done it again with this video she took of her Pleo "Pixie" visiting Sea World. With the permission and help of Sea World's staff, Pixie becomes the main attraction for a family of dolphins who seem utterly fascinated by Pixie. Watch carefully after the 2:00 minute mark as the dolphins crowd the exhibition glass to get a closer look at Pixie. Apparently Siren's other Pleo Crusoe was not present for some reason but Pixie was a hit! Siren's Plog (Pleo blog) is a must read for Pleo devotees of course!

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