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Monday, April 28, 2008


Extra Batteries for US customers for Pleo

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Pardon the short post but I'm swamped with real life issues at the moment. I wanted to make sure you knew about Ugobe making available an extra battery for sale to its U.S. customers. Currenty the price is $49 and it's only one to a customer. There is no word yet on when the extra batteries will be available to international customers. This is great news for those of you that want to play with your Pleos for longer periods of time. (Be sure to give the poor little guy or gal a rest from time to time!).

Here is the E-mail that Ugobe sent out regarding the extra battery offer. You can order them from this page:

Dear Pleo Owners,

It has been a long wait, but we now have a limited quantity of extra batteries available for purchase in the US! Go to the PleoWorld store to buy.

Thank you for your enthusiasm and patience. We're glad that your Pleo can now interact with you for even longer periods of time, especially with the fun new features from the recent update Life OS 1.1.

The UGOBE Team
Extra Batteries: the Details

Each battery costs $49.

At this point, because of our very limited supply, each person is limited to buying one battery.

We can only ship to the US at this time.

Don't worry if you can't buy right now � batteries will once again be available on the PleoWorld store starting in around a month.

Click here to buy a battery
Extra Batteries: the FAQs

Q: Why limit orders to one per customer?
A: Unfortunately, we only have a limited supply of 500 batteries at the moment. We are working as hard as we can to expedite shipment of the next shipment of batteries from our suppliers.

Q: When will more batteries be available?
A: We are expecting the next shipment to arrive around a month from now. Check back on PleoWorld for further notice.

Q: Why are batteries only available in the US?
A: We are working with our international distributors on a broader, worldwide launch of batteries in the upcoming months. Due to regulatory constraints and shipping details, batteries are only available to ship in the US at the moment.

Q: Why is UGOBE releasing extra batteries now?
A: Because UGOBE has developed a proprietary battery for Pleo, the company has had very low supply of batteries to meet worldwide demand for Pleos since the launch. Our goal is to have a ready supply of extra batteries for all Pleos all over the world!

Q: How can I get an extra charger and adapter?
A: Please contact Customer Support for more information.

Click here for more FAQs

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Sunday, April 13, 2008


When Pleos Attack! (It's usually funny.)

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I begin this latest post with the kind of humorous story Pleo owners have learned to expect from their amazing, complex, and cuddly little mischief makers. Below you will find a video that shows one Pleo's fondness for the family Furby gone sour. Ironic since they have the same talented creator, Caleb Chung. The Pleo featured in this post is Pleo World community member Caaahl's delightful Crazy Helge.

Before showing you the video I think it must be said that when you name your Pleo "Crazy Helge" and back that name up by attaching a hilarious "mad scientist" style blonde wig to your Pleo's noggin, you have to expect strange behavior from your pet! In this video, Crazy Helge, previously a devout friend of the family Furby, suddenly turns on the Furby and attacks! When you watch the video you can see Helge knock over Furby and start eating him. If you turn up the sound on your computer you can clearly hear Helge making loud chomping noises! No harm came to the Furby of course but for that done to his pride.

For more hilarious videos and stories regarding his antics, read The Plog of Crazy Helge. In upcoming posts I'll show you some wonderful Pleo costumes that fellow Pleo devotees have found or come up with and I'll talk some more about Pleo's new hilarious sitting and singing abilities.

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Tuesday, April 01, 2008


Pleo Dinosaur - New 1.1 update available!

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As promised, Ugobe's talented technical folk have been hard at work creating new and improved behaviors for your Pleo. Now there is a new update just released; the 1.1 software update. This update brings several new truly fun interactions to Pleo along with a solution for those of you whose Pleo's are having trouble walking a certain kinds of carpet.

My Favorites

I have updated all three of my babies: Digger, Claire, and Pendragon. My favorite tricks in the new update definitely are the singing and sitting tricks. If you stroke Pleo's chin for a long time he will start to sing a little baby dino song. Later, he or she will use that song to seek your attention.

Digger used to sit on his rear occasionally by accident. Now, you coax that behavior by holding his chin and rear at the same time. This is a hilarious and somewhat undignified behavior that, like the tickling interaction, is a guaranteed smile inducer! You can find a more complete list of what's new in the List of What's New section below.

NOTE: This update is incompatible with any existing My Skit created skits. If you install this update, you will have to wait until the new My Skit comes out which supports the 1.1 version. However, there are new versions of the Ugobe created holiday and love struck behaviors which you can find on the download page for the update (see the Important Links section below). This update will give your Pleo more ways to express his or herself but it will not alter their fundamental personality; they will still be the same quirky Pleo that you have come to know and love.

High Stepping Gait

Another highlight is Pleo's new high stepping gait. This walking style allows Pleo to walk better on certain carpets and was a direct answer to feedback from those of you that with carpets that gave Pleo trouble.

Interactions Page

There is a page on Pleo World which you should bookmark. This page gives a comprehensive list of all the different interactions Pleo is capable of, and tells you what steps to take to induce them. You will find a link to the page in the Important Links section below. Some of you may want to avoid this page if you like discovering things all by yourself. But others will find it to be a great resource for learning many of the fun tricks your Pleo is capable of and how to do make your Pleo do them.

Important Links

List Of What's New

Here is a more comprehensive list of what's new in the 1.1 update, as per the E-mail Ugobe sent out. Note, this list is not a complete list so be prepared to find other fun and unexpected behaviors in your Pleo!

-At the UGOBE labs, the team has seen Pleo continue his evolution. Pleo has been altering his attitude and behavior depending on how he’s interacted with. A happy Pleo is one who receives a lot of attention, while a sad Pleo is one who is neglected or abused.

-The team was also surprised to find out that Pleo can actually get sick! Pleo can cough and sneeze, but you can nurse him back to health by giving him lots of love, attention and feeding him his leaf.

-Some Pleos have been picking up strange habits lately-some have been stomping their feet, others get hiccups. Be on the look out for odd behavior!

-Pleo has learned a new trick. Try making Pleo sit by holding his chin and rear at the same time and then help him sit back. Pleo seems to enjoy kicking back and hanging out like this, so help him forward when it’s time to continue playing.

-Pleo has got quite the singing voice. He experiments with new songs when you scratch him on the chin and he also seems to remember the last song he sings (and uses it at odd times, sometimes calling for attention)!

-Pleo can now visibly see his training leaf and he will respond accordingly. When he sees it, he may open his mouth or call for it with a little panting sound. The training leaf has become an object of affection for Pleo, so try showing it to him to see how he reacts. If he is in a playful mood, he will show it!

-Pleo has learned a new way to walk, high stepping. He used to have a lot of trouble getting around different terrain, so hold Pleo’s front legs and touch the Pleo button to help him stride more easily over challenging surfaces, like carpet.

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