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Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Pleo - VIDEO: The Plunchkins!

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For the last week I've been working away on my first Pleo skit. It's called The Plunchkins! and it stars my 3 lovable Pleos: Digger, Claire (aka "Stinky"), and Pendragon. Digger is the oldest, Pendragon is the middle child, and Claire is their baby sister. In this video my kids squabble a bit and then sing you a little song! I used My Skit to create the video, the Pleo Performance Editor designed by AIBO superhacker DogsBody. It's a really well designed and powerful tool for creating Pleo skits and it's free too! It looks like Ugobe has managed to charm the AIBO wizards into the Pleo fold and that's lucky for us! They are bringing their creative tools with them to the party.

Speaking of AIBO wizards, when you are ready to take your Pleo scripting to a new level, take a look at YAPT, which was designed by AiboPet (aka PleoPet) and is also free. With My Skit you can attach different skits to different parts of Pleo's body. When that part of the body is touched, the attached skit plays. YAPT takes it further and gives you additional features like having scripts play on more advanced triggers such as Pleo's tilt sensor, sound sensor, etc. and even have scripts that run periodically without being triggered at all.

I'll be releasing the files necessary to perform the skit in a week or two so watch my blog carefully if you are interested. I will also include instructions on how to run the skit and will have a second version for the ladies out there that has Claire saying "Mommy" instead of "Daddy". Wouldn't it be so much more fun to be the star of your own little performance with your favorite pet, than to plop your family in front of the television and watch some boring show?

IMPORTANT: You don't need to own 3 Pleos to run the skit. You just need your Pleo and to find two friends that have Pleos of their own! Performing skits can become a great way to meet like minded people that would also love to entertain their family and friends. You could be the hero to your favorite niece or nephew soon! Visit Pleo World's Meetup section to try and find other Pleo owners in your area.

And now without further ado, meet the first dysfunctional dinosaur family, The Plunchkins!:

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