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Tuesday, October 17, 2006


UGOBE is getting 8 Million dollars in funding!

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Great news for all of us anxiously awaiting our . is in the process of closing a new round of investment dollars that will net it an additional 8 million dollars in capital for manufacturing and new research and development. The most fascinating part of this announcement is that UGOBE has hinted at the creation of a whole series of artificial lifeforms to keep Pleo company. The most interesting part of the article is a comment dropped by CEO Bob Christopher in this quote from him:

“We could create a [robot] that could do things for you. It’s not on the road map yet… but the opportunity is there”

The future is more exciting then ever, stay tuned! For more information on the funding read the entire article.

Saturday, October 07, 2006


Pleo Wows Them In Boise!

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Some very lucky coffee shop patrons in Boise, Idaho got an impromptu performance from Pleo. Caleb Chung, the star inventor of , 's , gave the demonstration himself. The Salt Lake Tribune, a popular local newspaper, covered the event with glowing praise. Here are two quotes from the article:
"At a coffee shop in the Boise suburb of Eagle, Pleo charmed people at neighboring tables with his impromptu performance. He wagged his tail and walked playfully across the table, stopping when he sensed the edge was near. Pleo isn't alive, but you wouldn't know it by his charismatic performance."

"Based on early interest from retailers and the buzz created online, Pleo is already shaping up to eclipse Furby."
Furby is the smash hit lovable animated toy that launched Caleb Chung into toymaker stardom.

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