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Saturday, August 26, 2006


Pleo - Updated Release Date Redux

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Where some companies would force a premature release of a product in order to take advantage of the lucrative holiday season, has once again demonstrated their committment to bringing us the perfect companion by delaying 's release until our favorite -to-be is perfect. Creating a believable cuddly artificial lifeform is a Herculean task that UGOBE gladly accepts and they are making sure we are not dissappointed when we finally do get our eager hands on the green skinned baby Camarasaurus. Here is the exact details from UGOBE:

"Online pre-orders will begin on December 24th and in early March, Pleo will start to arrive in the homes of consumers who placed online pre-orders. At the same time in early March, Pleo will make his debut on store shelves at select specialty retailers in limited locations."

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