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Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Good Pleo/Bad Pleo! - The BBC puts Pleo to the "nature vs. nurture" test

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The BBC recently created a humorous video where they put Pleo in a nature vs. nurture style test. More tongue-in-cheek than scientific, they hatched Pleo twice and raised him in two starkly different manners. In the first, they are dutiful doting parents to our beloved dino, offering strong parental psychological support and kindness. In the second they are neglectful harsh parents that refuse to give Pleo a second helping of Christmas Pudding no matter how much he cries. Then they show the dramatic difference in Pleo's happiness and self-esteem between the two upbringings in a fashion that would make even the great Charles Dickens uncomfortable: "Please sir, I want some more!".

The funniest part of the video is when you see how the actors struggle to be mean to Pleo in the "bad upbringing" segment, especially when compared to the kissing, petting, stroking behavior they helplessly exhibit in the "good upbringing" segment of the video. The test was done as part of their intriguing The elements of your smarter home article where they talk about some of the technologies that will affect our day to day lives at home in the near future. Follow this link to the article and at the top you will see a video player for the Pleo segment. Warning: video contains mild scenes of anti-Pleo behavior, quite tepid actually.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008


Pleosaurus Rex - Pleo lays waste to your favorite town!

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Ugobe has released another software download for Pleo that when written to an SD card, makes Pleo do his best dinosaur on a rampage impression. Pleosaurus Rex mode comes complete with Godzilla like sound effects and aggressive animations which make Pleo act as if he is laying waste to some hapless urban area. Add a few army men and a small toy tank or two, and you've got your very own angry dinosaur destroys the world scene, albeit in an relatively adorable manner. If you find the mystery touch trigger that triggers the Pleosaurus Rex death animation, you'll be treated to the heart wrenching final moments of a baby robot dinosaur gone berserk, complete with the appropriate sorrowful sound effects in a scene that rivals the likes of the famous King Kong death scene. You will need an SD card and an SD card writer to use the download. Click here to download Pleosaurus Rex now.

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