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Sunday, April 13, 2008


When Pleos Attack! (It's usually funny.)

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I begin this latest post with the kind of humorous story Pleo owners have learned to expect from their amazing, complex, and cuddly little mischief makers. Below you will find a video that shows one Pleo's fondness for the family Furby gone sour. Ironic since they have the same talented creator, Caleb Chung. The Pleo featured in this post is Pleo World community member Caaahl's delightful Crazy Helge.

Before showing you the video I think it must be said that when you name your Pleo "Crazy Helge" and back that name up by attaching a hilarious "mad scientist" style blonde wig to your Pleo's noggin, you have to expect strange behavior from your pet! In this video, Crazy Helge, previously a devout friend of the family Furby, suddenly turns on the Furby and attacks! When you watch the video you can see Helge knock over Furby and start eating him. If you turn up the sound on your computer you can clearly hear Helge making loud chomping noises! No harm came to the Furby of course but for that done to his pride.

For more hilarious videos and stories regarding his antics, read The Plog of Crazy Helge. In upcoming posts I'll show you some wonderful Pleo costumes that fellow Pleo devotees have found or come up with and I'll talk some more about Pleo's new hilarious sitting and singing abilities.

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