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Wednesday, April 12, 2006


Pleo - New Video!

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Finally, a nice juicy 4 minute long Pleo video with 's Caleb Chung, playing with his creation. There is very little talking in this video so you can get a solid look at the adorable , or artificial life form, in action. Caleb pets , plays with his feet, strokes his back and tail, and let's him explore the table he is on. At one point, you see Pleo nervously examining the edge of the table, afraid to move forward. You can see this video on the popular science web site. You will need Apple's QuickTime media player to view the movie. If you don't have it, there is a link on the page to download the free player.

Pleo does seem to have a penchant for gently nibbling fingers, at least Caleb's, and for exploring his world. When Caleb plays with Pleo's feet it's a joy to see Pleo react like a kitten at the attention. I have not figured out why yet, but Pleo seems even more adorable and cuddly in this video than in the previous Demo 2006 video. When Pleo gently goes to sleep at the end of the video, you'll be torn between wanting to wake him up so you can see more of him, and letting the poor little guy get his rest.
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