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Friday, April 28, 2006


Pleo - Supported By A Management "Dream Team"

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In the glamourous and glitzy world of toys where the toy gets all the attention, especially when it's a baby green , it's important to take note of the upper management behind the toy. That management is the engine that will either make or break a new hit toy because without a solid management team, the long term success of the toy is unlikely.

UGOBE, the company behind the , has the Dream Team of upper management when it comes to creativity, experience, and the all important manufacturing contacts to make sure there's enough well designed sturdy little Pleo's for all of us.

From a UGOBE press release we can see already the diverse and critically relevant backgrounds of the Advisory Board and Board Of Director line-ups:

"... Established leaders from companies such as Sun Microsystems, Softbank China Venture Capital and ChinaVest Merchant Bank. Its members represent a range of executive experience and engineering talent that have contributed to the success of companies including Apple Computer, Atari Computer (now Warner Communications), General Motors, Lucasfilm Ltd., Macy’s California and Twentieth Century Fox."

An analysis of the companies listed:
Fairness dictates that I give a complete listing of the people involved:

UGOBE Board of Directors:
UGOBE Advisory Board:
High power talent in the crucial areas of robotics, toy design, retailing, computing, and manufacturing. Deep ties to the production powerhouse known as the Asia. And to top it all off, they have Caleb Chung the genius inventor behind the smash hit toy the Furby, as their lead inventor. I'd say 's chances of success are pretty good, don't you think?
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