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    Looking For “Safe” Toys This Holiday?

    Before the main holiday gift buying season gets underway, we intend to have a safe toy and gift advisory system in place that will give you a filtered list of toys, based on the general kind of toy you are interested in.  Here is how it will work:

    • You enter a word or phrase that describes the general kind of toy you are looking for
    • The system will return to you a list of toys that have any known dangerous toys removed from it.

    How it works

    The system will filter out toys named in any of the recall warnings the goverment’s Consumer Product Safety Commission has posted on it’s official web site.  This will save you the tedious and error prone process of checking every toy you are interested in buying against the large number of recall warnings posted on the CPSC web site.

    If you want to be notified the instant this web service is available, subscribe to our toy safety and bargain alert mailing list using the box below.  There will be no charge for the service once it becomes available.

    There can be no worse feeling then giving a gift meant to bring joy, that brings only pain or even uncertainty. Subscribe now.

    Interests (optional):





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