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    Fisher Price Toy Recalls

    Fisher Price Contact Information:

    Recall Hotline: (800) 991-2444
    Web site:

    [10-01-2010 - UPDATE]:
     Latest information on the Fisher Price & Mattel Trikes, Child Car Seats, and inflatable ball recalls.

    Fisher Price is a manufacturer of many truly wonderful toys, many of them. As a responsible manufacturer, when they find that one of their toys has a health hazard associated with it, they publish a public notice.  Here is a list of Fisher-Price toy recalls that they have published in the last few years.

    Can you afford to miss the next important toy recall notice?

    [updated: 10-01-2010] - Fisher Price Trikes and Tough Trikes recall

    The Wall Street Journal is reporting a large scale recall of 7.2 million tricycles related to the Fisher Price Trikes and Tough Trikes series of toys. If you or someone you know has one of these toys, please visit the Mattel Recall web site now for further details or use their Recall Hotline number listed at the top of this web page. The dangers reported include injuries to the groin area due to a child rider sitting on the protruding plastic key or sitting on it. Other reported recalls include over a million child car ramp chairs that can incur laceration injuries and another recall involving over 3 million inflatable balls that carry the risk of a potential choking hazard. 

    Trikes Recall

    Here is a list of the Trikes, in model number order, that are reported to be affected. The list may not be inclusive so check the Recall site to be sure. Each listing is preceded by the toy’s model number.  You can also read the general recall announcement:

    Trike List (Model # / Title)

    • 72633 - Hot Wheels Trike
    • 72639 - Barbie Free Spirit Trike
    • 72642 - Lil’ Kawasaki Trike
    • 72643 - Boys Tough Trike
    • 72644 - Girls Tough Trike
    • 72792 - Kawasaki Trike
    • B8775 - Kawasaki Tough Trike
    • B8776 - Barbie Tough Trike
    • K6672 - Nick Jr./Dora The Explorer Tough Trike
    • K6673 - Go Diego Go! Tough Trike
    • M5727 - Barbie Tough Trike Princess Ride-On
    • N6021 - Kawasaki Tough Trike
    • T6209 - Thomas & Friends Tough Trike
    • V4270 - Go Diego Go! Tough Trike.

    Child Car Ramp Seat Recall

    Here is a direct link to the Child Car Ramp Seat recall.

    Inflatable Balls Recall

    Here is a direct link to the inflatable ball recall

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    [updated: 08-16-2007] - Mattel recalls more toys due to magnet and other hazards

    Shortly after the lead paint recall, discussed below, Mattel which is the parent company for Fisher Price recently issued another recall for millions of its toys; this time in regards to tiny magnets which could pose a choking hazard for small children. These magnets can be found in their Barbie and the Polly Pocket play sets and other toys.  The latest list of recalls for Mattel listed on the the US Consumer Product Safety Information page are shown here:

    Additional Reports of Magnets Detaching from “Polly Pocket Play Sets” Prompts Expanded Recall by Mattel
    Mattel Recalls “Doggie Day Care” Magnetic Toys Due to Magnets Coming Loose
    Mattel Recalls “Barbie and Tanner” Magnetic Toys Due to Magnets Coming Loose
    Mattel Recalls “Sarge” Die Cast Toy Cars Due To Violation of Lead Safety Standard
    Mattel Recalls “Batman” and One Piece Magnetic Action Figure Sets Due To Magnets Coming Loose

    In other news, Zhang Shuhong the co-owner of Lee Der Industrial company, one of the Chinese manufacturing companies blamed for having a part in the lead paint hazard, committed suicide in a warehouse. According to sources, he was misled by the paint supplier who he considered a good friend.

    NOTE: Many states are urging parents to get their children tested for lead levels. Contact your doctor or your local county government for testing information. Some counties and regional goverments offer free testing so check with your local officials for further information.

    [updated: 08-03-2007] - Fisher Price “Lead Paint Hazard Recall”

    There was a large block of painted toys recently recalled by Fisher Price due to the use of lead paint by the Chinese manufacturing outlet. According to Fisher Price, “The recalled products were sold in retail stores nationwide since May 1, 2007”, where some of them were covered in lead paint that could be hazardous to children.  They have published a list of the affected Nickelodeon and Sesame Street painted toys so make sure you check that list and the date on your receipts if you own or bought any of those toys

    Bookmark this page and check back for updates to this and other toy recall situations. If you are worried that your toy may be one of those affected by the recall, call the hotline phone number at the top of this page.  The recall is expected to cost Mattel approximately $40 million dollars (USD).

    BARGAIN HUNTER’S TIP: The public concern surrounding this event has led to an opportunity on eBay. Prices in the form of closing bids and reserved price levels on some of Fisher Price’s toys are dropping significantly.  Check eBay for deals on Fisher Price, Elmo, sesame street, Dora, Diego, Giggle Toys, Big Bird, Ernie, and other related toys.  Even toys not on the recall list are being affected.  Make sure the toy you buy is not on the recall list.  If it is on the list make sure it was bought by the original owner before May 1st 2007.  Be smart!

    Health Risks:  The problem with lead is that a child’s rapidly developing brain and nerves are very vulnerable to it.  The Wall Street Journal Online has a good article that goes into detail on weighing the health risks of lead which covers such issues as exposure duration and methods.  According to this article and also a new article on WebMD that talks about the Fisher Price toy recall and what parents should know about it, the danger is not from lead being absorbed by the skin from touching it but by a child putting the toy in his or her mouth and chewing on it. If a child has a developmental disease like pica, where they habitually put small objects in their mouth, then the risk to such a child is higher.  Both articles indicated that the immediate health risks from a lead tainted toy are probably low, but that since the effects of lead poisoning accumlate over time and can be so devastating, that any toy or other object with lead should be gotten rid of immediately.

    [08-02-2007]: The  Law Offices of Keller Rohrback L.L.P. has just announced that they are beginning investigations into the recall with implications of a possible class action law suit.  Mattel has offered a public apology for its toys involved in the incident and there are sources saying that owners of the toys can get vouchers good for replacements of the affected toys with a toy or product of equal value.

    Previous Fisher Price Toy Recalls:

    Can you afford to miss the next important toy recall notice?



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