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Sunday, December 11, 2005


Does Your Roboraptor Have Damaged Feet?

I have had people ask me, due to the trouble they have had removing their 's from the packaging, if their Roboraptor now has damaged feet. Currently there is no market for Roboraptor foot and claw correctional shoes, so it's understandable that people are worried.

I have asked several other people if their Roboraptor stands like mine does, and they have all answered yes. My roboraptor, when standing on a hard flat surface and is not moving, balances completely on his inner toes. So he stands on the two toes that are on the inside of the left foot, and the two toes that are on the inside of the right foot. The outer toes remain hovering in the air; two toes on each foot. I think it's the hovering toes that causes some people to worry that their Roboraptor is injured. He isn't, he's just a little quirky, that's all.

If anyone has a picture of a Roboraptor wearing correctional shoes, please post a comment!

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