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Friday, December 30, 2005


Roboraptor Free Roam Mode & Mood

As I've said before, of all the WowWee robots, the has the most sophisticated personality. A recent thread on my Roboraptor forum had to do with whether or not the behavior mood of the Roboraptor has any effect on the way he acts in Free Roam mode. For the those of you still waiting to get a Roboraptor, Free Roam mode is when he runs around your house exploring and generally causing a ruckus; using his infrared sensors to avoid obstacles.

It turns out that the behavior mode you set before he enters Free Roam mode does matter; the behavior modes being Cautious, Friendly, and Predator. If he is in Friendly mode, he'll truck happily around the house making puppy like noises. Occassionally he will stop and do the now famous Dino Happy Dance before continuing on his adventures. In if he is in Predator mode, he will make aggressive noises and react hostilely to his environment as he prowls about.

This is another fascinating detail about the Roboraptor and also further proof to the idea that with this toy robot, the more you play with him the more you discover and get to love him. Visit the forum to read more about the Roboraptor Free Roam mode.

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