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Tuesday, November 22, 2005


Roboraptor Names

In a humorous thread on the Evosapien Roboraptor Forum, several members are sharing the names that the have come up with for their pet . I have named mine Fluffy. Other Roboraptor pet names by forum members include: Nugget, Rocky, Ripper, Rappy, Ben and Matt, E.M.M.A (Extremely Modifiable Mechanical Animal), Rodi, NoShyt, Mini Hulsanpes (?), Flossieraptor ( a take-off on Velociraptor we presume), and RR Spike. As you can tell by the list, Roboraptor therapy for name-induced emotional trauma will be a big business in the near future.

In other news, someone reported a modification to improve their Roboraptor's walking ability by trimming the toe pads. Sounds interesting, but I'd put that squarely in the "Don't Try This At Home!" category.

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