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Sunday, December 04, 2005


Mini Roboraptor!

I was passing by Radio Shack when I saw the in the store. So I bought it and a . The Mini Roboraptor just walks, that's about it. You can move it's arms a little but it's just a little motorized doll like all the other WowWee mini series baby bots. However, it was only $13 and it is really darn cute! The let the tail and head sway just enough so when it's trucking across the floor, it has a very realistic lizard gait. What's hilarious is that on a hardwood floor it moves at a pretty good clip.

So if you have someone you want to get a but don't want to shell out the full $100 plus, get them a Mini Roboraptor. Another idea might be, if you have kids, is to buy them the Mini Roboraptor and the full size Roboraptor. Wrap them both up, but only have the Mini Roboraptor under the Christmas tree (or whatever your faith is). Then when they open the box and see the Mini Roboraptor, wait a bit, and then give them the full size Roboraptor!

Then wait two weeks and let them play with the Mini Roboraptor while you play with the full size one!

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