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Tuesday, January 03, 2006


Roboraptor Video!

My Roboraptor forum has been on fire lately since a ton more people bought the or got the Roboraptor as a gift for the holidays. Some of the happy owners have been sending me videos of their favorite robot dinosaur. I decided to put up a web page of Roboraptor videos made exclusively by forum members. These are regular folk like you and I who grabbed their video camera and started filming the general mayhem their Roboraptor committed around the house.

Of special note is a video that shows forum member JanPhilip's Roboraptor walking on several different floors and surfaces. I have received many questions on the forum and e-mail from people looking for videos of the Roboraptor moving about so this should answer some of your questions. There are other funny videos including one of Roboraptor trying to unplug things around the house. Enjoy!

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