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Thursday, December 01, 2005


The Roboraptor Jitterbug Dance

A recent thread on the Evosapien Roboraptor forum got into the topic of which behavior mode the owners liked the best. For those of you still unlucky enough not to own a Roboraptor yet, there are three basic modes. Hunting, Cautious, and Friendly. Roboraptor responds very differently to touch, sounds, and obstacles in each mode. Most people agreed they liked Friendly mode the best because the Roboraptor likes to play tug of war with you in that mode, although there were some that liked the way Roboraptor freaked out their friends in hunting mode, when it turned in the direction of a sound the friend made and pursued their friend!

Near the end of this lively discussion, someone pointed out the funny Jitterbug dance Roboraptor does in Friendly mode. In this mode, when Roboraptor roams around for about a minute, he pauses and does a head-bobbing, foot tapping Jitterbug! Everyone that owns a Roboraptor but hasn't seen this yet, run right out now and try it!

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