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Monday, November 28, 2005


The Elusive Exclusive Black Roboraptor!

There are several different styles of roaming the store and homes throughout the world right now. There is the wild but friendly white Roboraptor, the lean mean dinosaur eating machine green Roboraptor, and then there is the elusive and exclusive mysterious Black Roboraptor. Many people have been trying to find the black roboraptor without success.

The reason for that is, the white Roboraptor is the standard model which is available at most toy stores and online retailers like Amazon. The green Roboraptor is available from SkyMalls and Sharper Image, two well known and large distributors of cool gadgets and electronics. But the Black Roboraptor currently is only available from the Discovery Store.

Many people like the black Roboraptor because it hides scratches. When the Roboraptor gets agitated, it flails about it's head and tail. If there is a sharp object nearby like a table leg or door, it can get scratched. The black Roboraptor doesn't show these scratches nearly as badly and besides, it looks stealthy and cool! I have a green Roboraptor and I love him just the same.

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