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Tuesday, December 20, 2005


Roboraptor UK

Just a quick post for our friends across the pond in the United Kingdom. I've been watching the forums and I have seen people say good things about Maplins for ordering a . Unfortunately, I just checked their web site and they list the Roboraptor as a discontinued item. That leaves Amazon UK as a good source. If anyone bought a Roboraptor from a store in the UK and was happy with the company, please leave a comment with the source. Also, if anyone knows why Maplin's dropped the Roboraptor UK, leave a comment please.


Green Roboraptors

It's strange how particular people are about the color of their favorite robot dinosaur. I got the Green Roboraptor from Sharper Image because I thought green was a natural lizard color. They also make a Green Mini Roboraptor.

The standard White Roboraptor and White Mini Roboraptor are the ones you see from retailers like Toys R' Us, who sells through Amazon.

Finally there is the stealthy
Platinum Roboraptor
also known as the Black Roboraptor, that only the Discovery Channel store has. The Black Roboraptor is so cool looking it may just coerce me into getting my second roboraptor. I already have two Robosapien V1's and two Robopet', red and chrome.

If you do get a second you should know that you won't be able to control them individually. A single remote control will cause both of them to respond to the infrared commands.

This is why I'm trying to get a hold of the latest Servo Magazine Hack-A-Sapien contest winner. His name is Daniel Alpert from San Jose, CA, and modified his second Roboraptor to respond to a different carrier wave frequency so that he could control the two Roboraptor's independently. Think of your remote controls carrier wave frequency like the frequency on your FM dial; which separates radio programs from one another in "radio space". If I get a hold of him I'll tell you what I've learned, especially if it is a reasonable hack for the rest of us to try.

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