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Sunday, January 01, 2006


Roboraptor Laser Light Following

Some people have had trouble getting their Roboraptor to follow the laser light from their remote control, also known as the pickle point as Mark Tilden calls it. This is the small spot of green light that you can shine on the ground and have your follow it. JanPhilip posted some helpful information on the Roboraptor forum, on how to use the Roborator laser light. Here's the tips he gave:

  • Point the laser light about a half a meter in front of the Roboraptor
  • Keep the button pressed
  • Do it in a room with normal light bulbs where there is not a lot of sun and not a lot of other infrared signals like those from other infrared remote controls.
  • Don't continuously move the pickle point around. Point at a spot on the ground or a wall, and let your Roboraptor get a reading on it. Once it reaches the pickle point, you can move it somewhere new.
  • The reason for being inside a sunless room is because the sun generates light waves that turn into infrared rays after entering your room. These infrared rays will conflict with your Roboraptor's ability to follow the pickle point. So will infrared being emitted by other remote controls or by other toy robots like the , which emits infrared as it scans for obstacles or objects in the room.

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