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Wednesday, December 07, 2005


Unpacking Your Roboraptor

Many people have been complaining about problems getting their brand new out of the box. WowWee uses wire as shipping ties which are then threaded through plastic braces. In addition they screw the Roboraptor's feet into two plastic blocks which are anchored to the box. The secret to removing your Roboraptor without swearing in seven different languages is to own or buy a good solid pair of wire cutters. Don't use scissors, don't use wire strippers.

If you don't own a pair, go to Sears, or Radio Shack, or some hardware store and buy a good pair. Without them the process of unpacking your Roboraptor is a long ordeal. With them, it still takes a few minutes but it's not bad at all. Take the cutters and clip the wires in this fashion.

Look on the outside of the box and you will that each wire, which is threaded from the inside of the box, has it's ends pushed through the holes on a plastic brace that sits on the outside of the box, and then the ends are tied in a not. Clip the wire on both sides of the knot and remove the plastic brace and the wire. Do this for all the wires.

Then unscrew the feet with the correct size Phillips screwdriver and you're done! You will use these tools over and over so you might as well get quality ones. Finally, play with your new futuristic prehistoric friend!

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