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Thursday, January 05, 2006


Roboraptor Battery Update

A little more information on the battery scene with the power hungry robot. I have now had several reports from people on the Roboraptor forum that have been getting great results with Duracell Ultra batteries (non-rechargeable) and various brands of 2500 mah (milliamp) rechargeables. Roboraptor appears to run longer, walk better, and just perform better using these batteries. Remember, WowWee recommends against using rechargeables, but so far I have not heard any reports of people frying their Roboraptor with them.; use at your own risk.

There's a huge variation in the performance of AA rechargeables, even those with the same notional rating. Here's an excellent, detailed analysis based on solid research:

Quick extract for UK readers: the UNIROSS 2300mAh scores high in the test, and is available at your local Dixons.
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