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    Spy Gear Laser Trip Wire

    NOTE: The text I wrote is for the Spy Voice Trap, not the Laser Trip Wire, redo. Remember to mark the parent page as “Publish” when you’re ready.


    Editorial Review
    In the old days, keeping unwanted nosy brothers and sisters out of one’s room meant hanging a crudely lettered sign that read "KEEP OUT". Today, these matters are a lot more high-tech, as is evidenced by this "lazer" tripwire system. It features three units to be planted at strategic positions around the area one wants to protect. Each unit is capable of emitting a safe LED beam and sense other beams being received, this establishing a perimeter. An included misting water bottle lets you test the otherwise invisible beams to make sure they’re in place and avoiding tripping the alarm. Three AAA batteries are required but not included.
    --Charlie Williams

    From the Manufacturer
    Security system for kids that uses kid safe lazers. Kids can make mazes of lasers in their rooms just like they saw on TV, in video games and in the movies. There is something about the red beam that screams hi tech, impenetrable security system. Includes 3 emitters/sensors to make 3 connecting beams. (you can buy more to make bigger mazes.) The beams are invisible to intruders but not to you - use the "Light up" mist to illuminate the beams and avoid setting off the alarm.



    The Spy Gear laser trip wire, or Spy Voice Trap, is a huge hit with kids.  It’s principle is very simple.  You record your voice saying whatever you like by pressing the record button. Then you set it to tripwire mode. When someone walks in front of the beam, your prerecorded message plays in a loop.

    Children and teenagers love it because they can catch their siblings entering their room or trying to touch their computer or other stuff. It’s very easy to operate and runs for a very long time on its batteries.  Even adults like it because it’s great for hilarious pranks like “ghost in the bathroom” antics and other high tech jokes. I own one of these and learning how to use it takes minutes, literally.

    These toys are part of the Wild Planet series of Spy Gear toys. They’re all very inexpensive, easy to use, and make great gifts.  Look below for other related items that will make your birthday, holiday or other gift shopping a breeze.


    List of Related Wild Planet Spy Gear Toys:

    Note: All of these links open to a new window so you can jump between the items easily and make comparisons.


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